Poker Tips

This poker tips packet was created by Mike Sexton (the owner and WTP commentator) and Linda Johnson, who are also famous in the poker world.

1. Pay attention!
Observe the game process and keep alert about the players. They may play aggressively or quietly, with both hands at the same time. It's better to begin playing with a relaxed player and try to avoid cautious player, unless you have a strong hand.

2. Look after the chips!
You must always know how many chips your opponents have. Remember, that you need to play attentively with the player who has more chips, otherwise any mistake may cost you a lot. It's better to play with players who have fewer chips than you.

3. No good cards?
If you have a bad combination, drop it exactly that moment when somebody is making a bet.

4. Got an Ace?
Don't enter the game every time when you've got an ace. Play only in case, when you have the same suit card, 10 or higher.

5. You shouldn't leave the next hands before flop
Pairs (7-7, 9-9), two "pictures" (king-queen, ace jack) or hands, which may turn into straight or flash (8-9, 6-7 the same suit). Be patient and drop other cards!

6. A good hand? Make strong bets!
In unlimited Texas Hold'Em players can put the chips at any time and if you have collected good cards, make strong bets!

7. Observe and Stalk!
Your position will be vulnerable, if you are the one of the first players. That's why play with a smaller number of hands.

8. Wait for your Turn
Don't play when your turn haven't come. The game is going clockwise at the poker table.

9. Be the One who Makes Stakes, not the One who Equalizes.
Aggressive game makes a difference.

10. It's Called Bluff!
If somebody raise the bet on the distant position (near or on the dealer's bet) and you have made a blind bet raise the bet considerably. It's possible that this player doesn't have the strong hand and he tries to trick you. This playing style is known as counterattack game and probably it's the most effective method in unlimited Texas Hold'Em.

11. Be Patient!
The most common mistake the players make is to act without thinking. If you have to make an important decision, remember the game process, bets and which cards may be in your opponent's hands. Take you time.

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