Poker for new players

The choice of Poker room

It's important to choose a poker room while taking account of the structure of players in this room. It's not good for a new player to get influenced by skilled players. Of course, when you choose a poker room you must note bonuses, which every poker room offers, but it's much better to take into account all bonus policy of this room as a whole. We recommend checking the rules of getting bonuses (and especially taking out) more carefully. Some poker rooms have very hard and complicated rules of taking out bonuses. Also for many people it might be really important to have some special methods of addition and taking out money from account. Another important thing about making your decision is the graphics of a particular poker room, but it's a secondary factor. Practically you can get used to playing in any poker room.

It's much better to begin playing poker on tables with small limits (blinds). Especially if you are looking forward to play but don't have any desire to read Poker Books. But it's worth to read it. And before anything you must try yourself playing with toy money (Funny Money and etc.) it will be a really pleasant experience for you.

Software ("Client")

For playing poker you have to download a special file and than install a software ("Client"). The size of this program is about 10-50 MB. Some poker rooms offer a flash version of Client, which starts from browser window.


For registration you must indicate your real information. In future it may be useful for getting the money you won.

Deposit, Account Replenishment

Usually minimal payment is 10-50 US dollars. When you do the first payment (and the second quite often) practically in every poker room you can get "a bonus on first deposit". Be attentive and look through the website of the room, often you have to indicate promo-code or pay a fixed sum.

How to play?

Further the only thing you have to do is just choose from a variety of poker rooms the one you want to play in, choose a table depending on the type of the table (NL, PL, FL without limit, with bank limit, limited) and limits (blinds), seat the table and add chips to the table (transmit money from your bill to this table).
For more details look here.

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