Tournament a poker game, where all players begin to play with the same quantity of chips. Usually the tournament is played till that moment when one player gets all the chips.

Obviously the tournaments are the most interesting and fascinating part of poker game. At this particular point it's possible to see the player's power, show and test yourself in the fight for Jackpot. In contrast to simple, free game at the table, where players enter the game (and leave it) at the various times and having long odds (with different quantity of chips), in the tournament all players have the same quantity of chips, that is equal odds and there aren't any barriers to identify the strongest or the most lucky person!

Unlike boring game process at the simple tables, in the tournaments you will have to change game's tactics constantly, which depends on blind level (which will be growing up all the time), the number of the players and the general situation. It's the real ordeal for every poker player!

PartyPoker offer you a huge choice of different tournaments, starting with tournaments without entrance fee (Freerolls), 1 US dollar buy-in tournaments (buy-in - entrance fee), and finishing with elite tournaments with 600 US dollars buy-in and more. You won't be able to find such wide range of tournaments in the other poker rooms.

PartyPoker is absolutely sure You will find your own tournament here: single-table or multi-table, sit-and-go and "freezeouts", elimination tours and all huge world events, buy-in tournaments with bonus points, the best freerolls and also our unique tournaments, which you never have in the other poke rooms!

The main types of tournaments and their features:

  • Sit&Go: sit-and-go poker tournament is a mini-poker tournament with one or more tables, where the game starts at once after the registration of the necessary quantity of players.

  • Multi-table tournament : Multi-table tournaments involve players playing at many tables. The game starts at the same time. When some players go out, another will be placed to that table (for making "complete" tables)

  • Freezeouts: There are some rounds and a player continues to play until out of chips. After that the rest quantity of players enter the next round and etc.

  • Limit tournaments: such tournament last a certain tame period (for example, 15 minutes), after finishing the game is stopped and the prize-winning places are allocated depending on the quantity of the player's chips.

Also you can make re-buy in some tournaments (re-buy means buy chips in addition during the tournament). Sometimes you can re-buy chips many times. About the opportunity to make "re-buy", specify in the tournament information, please.

The prize is usually composed including player's entrance fee and allocated between players, who took some first places (for example, the first five winning places). After the tournament begins, you can look at the prize allocation.

In spite of the huge variety, all PartyPoker tournaments have one general feature they are "live"! Independently of the entrance fee level and the tournament's type, you can always find opponents to take them on in a chosen tournament.

Also taking part in our tournaments, you try to get the titles "The Player of the Week" and "The Player of the Month". Of course the best players must be remunerated. PartyPoker gives the best of you different bonuses and prizes, and also gives the opportunity to play in the main PartyPoker event weekly blitz-tournament "Titan's Competition" with the main prize of 1,000 US dollars!

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